S.I.M (Sara Is Missing)

I made a game! Along with Accurve Studios and a fantastic creative team.
 A narrative driven thriller designed exclusively for mobile, it is a game that simulates the experience of going through a stranger’s phone to solve a mystery. While the full game is still in development, a free demo simply titled S.I.M. was made and launched on itch.io and Google Play for Halloween.
S.I.M. presents you with a scenario; what would you do if you found out that Sara, the phone’s owner has gone missing. Having access to her message history, image gallery and private emails, it is up to you to break everything down and deduce what did Sara do, leading up to her disappearance. Unlock password protected files, uncover hidden messages and decrypt lost data to uncover the truth.

Inline images 5Inline images 4

Putting players first hand in a “found footage” style scenario through a mobile game, S.I.M is all about the horrors of mobile technology and touches upon the voyeuristic pleasure that one gets from prying through another person’s personal information. To ensure that authenticity, we cast live actors and actresses and collaborated with an indie film team for the production of the images and videos and writing the script. In future updates, we also plan to put in music from up-and-coming bands.
S.I.M. is currently nominated for the International Mobile Gaming Awards in Southeast Asia and was even exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2016. The full version is expected to be completed in Q1 2017.
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Story and script by: Buddy Anwardi, Saqina Latif, Derek Mui

Development team: Shahrizar, Shahazmi, Jeremy Ooi, Thulasi Dasan

Cast: Tehmina Kaoosji (as Sara), David Lee Knighton (as Derek), Juliah Tan (as Faith), Thivian Sivananthen (as Red Mask), Dale Bashir (as Black Mask)

Crew: Dorothy Hogan Yap (Makeup), Erin Sam and Eira Sam (Extras)

With special appearance by: Jordan Suleiman (as Buddy) and Alaska the Cat (as herself)

Featured Band: The End is Nigh

Inspired by: SOMI’s Replica

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