About Me

I love doing creative works

I became very interested in games ever since I was a little kid and had my sight on the game industry ever since. It wasn’t until met an actual game designer, that I thought that this career path was possible, and that catapulted my journey through the creative industry.

I started in the theatre industry, where I did some stage management and production management for several projects and companies. What started as a means it eventually became a second passion. I fell in love with theatre, and ended up acting, directing and producing later on. I even co-founded my own theatre company.

A couple of years in the theatre industry landed me a line producer job in a 3D film company, where I chased deadlines, recorded and distributed workload. It was there that I learn the fundamentals of producing digital art like 3D modelling and animation, motion graphics, coding and voice work.

I brought that knowledge with me and got my first gig as an assistant producer for a game company. It was there I created my first production pipeline framework that helped tracked the 20 over staff over 3 projects. I also had my share of design work in one of their biggest projects, a point and click adventure game. And that spearheaded my path as a designer.

Throughout the years, I did design work for mobile apps, games, e-commerce platform, news site and short animations. I am still very active in the theatre industry, where I acted in quite a number of plays and even produced a few.

As for design achievements, I co-created Sara Is Missing and a sequel SIMULACRA under a company I co-founded called Kaigan Games. Both games went on to win multiple storytelling and innovation awards and played by some of the most influential YouTubers in the world.

Besides design work, I am also a part-time journalist and have written articles for  haogamers.comIndiegames.com, and Pocket Gamer which occasionally appear on Gamasutra.

Right now I am focusing on a new title and will write about games on a freelance basis. You can email me at ooijeremy@gmail.com.



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